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Identifying Potholes in Ports

GPC in partnership with Intel are running a research and development project to prove the effectiveness of their 3D Pothole software at DP World Southampton. By mounting to DP World straddle carriers GPC can continuously gather 3D data to identify and notify engineers of pothole damage across the port surfaces.

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AI to solve pothole problems at Durham and Gwent

GPC are using artificial intelligence to automatically find and report potholes using vehicle mounted 3D cameras. Durham and Blaenau Gwent Council, supported by the GovTech Catalyst, have awarded GPC a contract to develop their innovative 3D technology for use in detecting road defects.


6 Month Free Licence for NHS Clients

GPC are proud to announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are going to be providing 6 month free licensing to our NHS Clients and Colleagues. GPC are investing their software to support the NHS during their staff shortages and enhanced pressure due to COVID-19.


3D Measurements on Mobile

GPC’s development team are constantly looking at new ways our 3D measurement applications can be brough to market. We have recently achieved practical success using mobile phones to utilise 3D applications without the use of an external camera. We are currently still in trial phase but will be updating this page shortly with further information.


GPC and the Equine Industry

GPC are excited to be working with veterinary surgeons at Virginia Tech where our measurement application is being used to measure and monitor the progress of wound healing in horses.


3D Technology for Pothole Repair

Swansea-based company GPC has developed a system that uses 3D technology to accurately measure the size and depth of a pothole, or other road damage, from a single picture taken on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.


The Digital Health Hub

Check out how 3D innovation from GPC is helping our partners Kauko deliver wound care applications across Europe through their exciting Digital Health Hub.