Freight Measure freight-measure

Product Description

Definitely not just a box measuring app. Customers tell us that measuring accurate dimensions of freight, particularly irregular shapes, sizes, materials and pallets is a challenge. They told us that significant efficiencies can be found through recording the dimensions of freight. Utilising hand held or mounted low cost 3D camera technology, this point-and-click application can accurately calculate length, width and height dimensions using a single photo. Automatic object detection streamlines workflow and improves overall efficiency.

Stock Measure stock-measure-icon

Product Description

A well known retailer told us they had a problem in not knowing the size of stock. Often suppliers would send them inaccurate measurements or no measurements at all. Our Stock Measure application allows hand held or fixed mounted cameras to be used in conjunction with bar code scanners to capture data, images and automatically measure the size of incoming stock. The images, barcode data and measurements can then be sent to internal systems to better manage packaging of stock and loading into vehicles for onward transport or delivery.

4D Portal portal-icon

Product Description

Our 4D Portal provides a secure cloud application for collecting data from our 3D applications. Customer told us that they wanted to collect other information but did not want to have to develop a new application every time they collected new data. 4D Portal is a fully customisable electronic forms portal available as a service running on Microsofts secure Azure Cloud. It allows you to create your own electronic forms and collect data via a Windows, iOS or Android app. Uniquely it also supports 3D captured data allowing you to share, collaborate and re-measure images captured within our 3D applications.

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