Highway Measure pothole-icon

Product Description

Provides a method of both quickly and accurately measuring potholes via 3D imaging, ensuring resource costs can be kept to a minimum. Traditional methods of measuring potholes are slow and restrictive. Our solution calculates volumetric measurements using a single photo.

3D Construction construction-icon

Product Description

Customers told us that the cost of assessing constructions and reinstating works was excessive and inaccurate. Using 3D Construction, you can assess a construction and accurately measure the size and volume of the job and any in-fill materials needed. Suppliers can provide accurate proposals to their customers and follow this up with evidence of a successful construction. Customers can validate that a successful construction has been completed and any associated warranty forms can be provided. Integrated with the 4D Portal all this can be done with a click of the button to capture a 3D image and link this to electronic forms captured using mobile devices.

4D Portal portal-icon

Product Description

Our 4D Portal provides a secure cloud application for collecting data from our 3D applications. Customer told us that they wanted to collect other information but did not want to have to develop a new application every time they collected new data. 4D Portal is a fully customisable electronic forms portal available as a service running on Microsofts secure Azure Cloud. It allows you to create your own electronic forms and collect data via a Windows, iOS or Android app. Uniquely it also supports 3D captured data allowing you to share, collaborate and re-measure images captured within our 3D applications.

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